Principal Investigators

Our team consists of physicians in different parts of the United States all with one common goal — providing superior support & service to all of our partners.

Please find below our complete list of participating physicians in order of specialty.

If you are interested in contacting any of our PI’s please contact our Regulatory Manager today.

Asif Akhtar, MD Cardiology Houston, TX
Amin Haji Karim, MD Cardiology Houston, TX
Lev Josef Paukman, MD Cardiology Brooklyn, NY
Ofsman E Quintana, MD Cardiology/Wound McAllen, TX
Randeep Suneja, MD Cardiology Katy, TX
Keith Andrew Picou, MD Dermatology McAllen, TX
Manisha Chandalia, MD Endocrinology Webster, TX
Donald Franklin Gardner, MD Endocrinology Houston, TX
Amir Ali Hassan, MD Endocrinology Houston, TX
Nan Jiang, MD Family Practice Pearland, TX
Alfonso Ochoa, MD Family Medicine Wescalo, TX
Anthony James Popek, MD Family Practice Houston, TX
Manuel Josue Sanchez, MD Family Practice McAllen, TX
Roberto Agustin Andrade, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Girraj Kishore Bansal, MD Internal Medicine Reynoldsburg, OH
Robert Gene Bass Jr., MD Internal Medicine San Antonio, TX
Anita Alvarez-Cruz, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Agadadash Kuliev, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Aslam Mohammad Loya, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Munir Loya, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Murtaza Mussaji, DO Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Patricia Denise Salvato, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Mohamad Mohamad Abdelrahman Shehata, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Barry E Troyan, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Syed Farhat Abbas Zaidi, MD Internal Medicine Houston, TX
Ralph Alhalel, MD Gastroenterology McAllen, TX
Mouhamad Radwan Al-Sabbagh, MD Gastroenterology Houston, TX
Rukan Daccak, MD Gastroenterology Houston, TX
Bijo Kythaparampil John, MD Gastroenterology San Antonio, TX
Spencer Chun-Yueh Li, MD Gastroenterology Katy, TX
James Arthur Maher Jr., MD Gastroenterology Houston, TX
Olumayowa Adefunke Aderinto, MD Nephrology Houston, TX
Sumiko Armstead, MD Nephrology Houston, TX
Andrew Levine MD Nephrology Weslaco, TX
Atta Ur Rehman, MD Neurology Houston, TX
Shahin Shirzadi, MD Neurology Houston, TX
Jeffrey Alan Bradley, MD OB/GYN Lithia Springs, GA
Hearther Asneth Daley, MD OB/GYN McAllen, TX
James Frederick Guenther, DO OB/GYN Lancaster, OH
Alexandra Pellicena, MD OB/GYN Houston, TX
Alejandro A. Tey, MD OB/GYN McAllen, TX
Vijay K Gunuganti, MD Oncology San Antonio, TX
Marvin Clinton Chang, MD Pain Management Houston, TX
Basem Hamid, MD Pain Management Houston, TX
James C. Lai, MD Pain Management Houston, TX
Sarojini Bose, MD Pediatrics McAllen, TX
Ashok Jain, MD Psychiatry Houston, TX
Juan Rivera, MD Pulmonary McAllen, TX
Robert Ang Salazar, MD Pulmonary Houston, TX
Laila Amirali Hassan, MD Rheumatology Houston, TX
Abigail Rebecca Neiman, MD Rheumatology Houston, TX