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Biopharma Informatic, leveraging its extensive experience with sponsors and CROs, ensures the highest standards while effectively managing even the most challenging clinical trials.

Continue reading to discover how Biopharma Informatic delivers clinical excellence for each trial with its unique approach.

Insights Aligned

Streamlined Site Operations

Swift site selection with rapid contracting procedures

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Quick Launch

Efficient Onboarding Processes

Centralized study commencement and digital handling of source, regulatory, and documentation

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Active Participation

Outstanding Patient Engagement

Exceptional commitment and participation from patients in the program or study

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Impeccable Management

Internal quality assurance and data handling

Rigorous monitoring and oversight programs supported by an integrated technological infrastructure

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Active Participation

Exceptional Approaches To Involve And Maintain
Patient Participation

With a leading-edge technology team and dedicated Patient Engagement and Recruitment Centers, Biopharma Informatic is designed to precisely predict and achieve enrollment and retention goals, especially for challenging and high-volume research programs. The constant developments made by Biopharma Informatic focus on improving processes such as recruitment, screening, consenting, retention, and follow-up for both clients and participants.

To support local outreach, each Biopharma Informatic site is backed by full-time recruitment specialists. These sites are strategically situated in diverse demographic areas to ensure fair representation in clinical trials.

  • Immediate enrollment support available at the beginning of the study.

  • Access to exclusive databases, including proprietary, physician, and practice data.

  • In-house advertising solutions surpassing the effectiveness of central campaigns.

  • Intensive community outreach and initiatives to enhance diversity.

  • Programs focused on participant adherence and retention.

  • Specialty care sites offer access to unique populations, procedures, and facilities.

Insights Aligned

Fully Connected Operations for Faster
Site Selection

At Biopharma Informatic, our mission is to streamline and enhance clinical trials. We achieve this by accelerating the crucial site selection stage. Through our platform, you receive rapid and accurate survey responses, enabling you to swiftly identify the ideal sites for your trial.

Your trial management team will benefit from these initial improvements later on, with industry-leading monitoring, standardized sites, and improved communication.

The certainty as well as effectiveness of trial performances are enhanced by sought-after expertise and investigators of Biopharma Informatic. They contribute to protocol design, reinforcing the feasibility of research programs. This assistance, in combination with Biopharma’s centralized model, strengthens their support.

  • Responses to contracts/budgets within 48 hours

  • Single contract for all study sites with Biopharma Informatic

  • Smooth communication through a centralized contact

  • Streamlined assessment across 30 sites, involving 100+ investigators

  • Enrollment forecasting driven by technology, aligned with your protocol rather than just the indication

Quick Launch

Creating Standardized Procedures To Promote
An Efficient Start up

Biopharma Informatic delivers operational quality in even the most complicated trials by applying methodical site development and supervision that goes beyond typical SMO approaches. Digitized source, regulatory, and records management enables research to be started promptly and optimized as needed with standard operating procedures.

In addition to facilitating the essential soft infrastructure to support your study, Biopharma possesses the capability to integrate innovative technologies or treatment methodologies for conducting specialized, decentralized, or hybrid trials.

  • Site initiation visit within 30 days of study award

  • Some sites have on-site labs and can process PBMCs

  • Integrated technology for payment/stipends, electronic registration (eReg), electronic medical records (EMR/EHR), and same-day collection/shipping.

  • Training meetings for site staff at study start-up

  • Every study has a dedicated clinical data specialist

  • Coordination with your central IRB or central laboratory

Impeccable Management

Consistent Excellence With Precise
Delivery Of Data

Biopharma Informatic has established an exceptional quality oversight model that leads the industry. Dedicated assistance is provided to all Biopharma Informatic sites and studies by internal teams with expertise in clinical data, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Working closely with site staff, these experienced teams act as valuable resources, helping in the identification and utilization of areas for ongoing improvement. They provide comprehensive support across all QA/QC processes to guarantee compliance with FDA regulations, ICH GCP Guidance, state guidelines, industry norms, and Biopharma's rigorous SOPs.

  • Targeting a 48-hour data entry goal with prompt resolution of queries within the same timeframe.

  • Conducting regular and random QA reviews, including cross-checks between EDC and source data.

  • A dedicated commitment to ongoing training for investigators and site staff.

  • Ensuring CLIA certification for labs, IATA certification for staff, and GCP training for physicians and staff.