Breadth Of Expertise

Our expertise covers a wide range of medical areas, and our network is continually expanding. If you don't find your specific area in our list, feel free to inform us about your requirements. We are always recruiting fresh investigators that are ready to learn and satisfy your demands.

Quality And Excellence

Our team is highly skilled and ready to conduct Phase II, III, and IV Clinical Trials. We employ advanced technology to enhance patient recruitment, and certain facilities have consistently been acknowledged as top enrollers.

Fast Direct Access

We ensure quick and direct communication with our sites using specialized staff as a central point of contact. Legal agreements are formed directly with Biopharma Informatic, eliminating the need for multiple negotiations. We enthusiastically support master agreements with all our business partners.


How Do We Manage Our Sites?

Our leaders and staff at Biopharma Informatic are dedicated to a quality-focused culture. They collectively take responsibility for fulfilling their duties and delegated assignments, aiming to meet or surpass regulatory standards, GCP guidelines, internal quality management norms, and client expectations in conducting high-quality clinical trials.

The sites of Biopharma make the most of resources and infrastructure that exceed those available at single sites. While honoring local expertise, we enhance it with "Super Site" capabilities through centralized departments responsible for:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Source Creation and Management
  • Systems Access and Training
  • SOP Management
  • Data Management
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Virtual Screening
  • Training
  • Equipment Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Medical Consult
  • QA
  • IT
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Compliance
These capabilities ensure that all the sites of Biopharma Informatic remain audit-ready, stay updated on the latest quality control and operational insights, are monitored for efficiency, and undergo evaluation through client surveys and audits.
Around the world, our work locations come together,
promoting collaboration without boundaries.