Maximizing Data, AI, and Real World Insights

Biopharma Informatic is committed to advancing clinical research through investments in innovative technologies. These advancements aim to substantially improve site productivity and enhance the overall patient journey within clinical trials.

We're thrilled about revolutionizing future research practices by owning a state-of-the-art technology hub.

Biopharma is actively developing advanced applications to simplify the trial participation process and broaden data accessibility.

Experience The AI-Driven Future

Pioneering an Era in Clinical Research with AI

With our revolutionary technology, we are transforming the landscape of clinical research. It enables research sites to produce more data and better patient retention support while accomplishing a higher caliber of study in a shorter amount of time.

Boosting Patient Engagement Through Analytics

Our platform supports patients in maintaining their daily trial routines, strengthening their involvement in the trial. The advanced AI generates early actionable insights for sites and sponsors to engage and intervene with patients if their involvement needs improvement.

Facilitating Decentralized Operations through Site Digitization

Through the use of easy portable devices, our platform enables visits virtually, at home, or in clinics, allowing sites to expand their vital services beyond their physical boundaries. Utilizing our technology allows locations to conduct visits, ensuring that value is delivered consistently.

Strengthening Data Security with Biometric Measures

Using biometric authentication, data encryption, and secured communications, our app ensures the highest level of data security. Within the app, our multi-layered security design delivers flawless data security, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

Improving Flexibility in Clinical Operations

Despite being initially designed with a specific framework, our default workflows on the platform can be customized to meet the unique needs of the Sponsor and study. This flexibility advances the adaptability of the entire system beyond its original structure.

Effortless Integration with Clinical Technologies

Our platform, designed with current clinical technologies in mind, ensures instant interoperability with our ODM and CDISC compatible solutions. This design facilitates smooth integration with EDC, CTMS, and IVRS systems.

Placing Patient Convenience First

Every interaction with our platform is designed with the patient's comfort in mind. This focus on accessibility and comfort directly improves patient adherence and satisfaction with the research.

Optimizing Automation with Edge Technologies

Our specialized AI capabilities in voice, image, computer vision, and optical character recognition (OCR) improves the speed and efficiency of patient-clinician communications and visit procedures. We streamline automation across multiple functions by employing the latest technologies.

Securing Trust with Blockchain Integration

Employing a blockchain platform safeguards the security of all clinical data, maintaining its integrity and controlled access. Integrating everything through blockchain technology strengthens trust and provides comprehensive audit trials.


Be Part Of An Exceptional Team Driving Impactful Work Forward

Biopharma careers provide competitive compensation, great benefits, and recognize exceptional performance with promising prospects.

Whether you have years of industry experience or are new to clinical research, we welcome your application to join Biopharma Informatic.